This past weekend Dwayne and I had the opportunity to go see the musical Sweeney Todd, put on by the McMaster Musical Theatre. A good friend of mine was playing piano in the orchestra so naturally I had to go. Also, we’d seen MMT’s production of Fiddler on the Roof last year so I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. Without out fail they blew us away again this year.

For those of you who are like I was and haven’t seen or heard much of Sweeney Todd, the story is about a barber who resides on Fleet Street in London. After being sent to prison for 15 years because of a crime he was wrongly accused of, he comes back to find out that his wife was abused by the very judge that condemned him. The barber meets a pie shop owner named Mrs. Lovett who tells him that his wife had committed suicide and his daughter had been taken in by the judge. Mad with rage, the barber begins planning revenge on the judge and any others that caused his life misery.

The show MMT put on was full of fantastic vocal performances that left me singing for days after. From start to finish the cast was captivating and hilarious. Yes, hilarious. Although the show is creepy and sadistic it’s also full of comic relief. Some of the characters were outrageous and their songs kept us laughing.

I just need to say that the role of Mrs. Lovett was played magnificently. She was terrifying and yet hilarious. She was exuberant and enthusiastic. I especially loved her performance of “By the Sea.” She waltzed around the stage like she owned it and sang the song as if she’d written it. Also I need to send a shout out to the orchestra. I think that opening number gave me goosebumps and almost creeped me out more than the show itself did. They really captivated the mood of the musical and their director really got into character. It was all around impressive.

I could say a lot more about the show but I don’t want to give the story all away! Unfortunately I went on the last show night for MMT so I can’t tell you to go buy tickets. However, there’s always the Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. I haven’t watched it myself so I can’t say a whole lot except that Tim Burton is generally a master at creepy and I’m sure would be no different in this case. And if creepy and sadistic isn’t your thing, I’m sure MMT will put on another great show next year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on musicals, this one and any others you think I should see!

Happy Thursday!