We Never Change

As most of you probably know about me, I grew up in a Dutch family. Both my parents grew up in The Netherlands and immigrated to Canada later in life. Because of that I grew up learning a lot of Dutch kids’ songs and lullabies. Every so often I find myself singing the ones that […]

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Thinking Out Loud

Just a short post today about what I’ve been doing musically lately.

During my three years at Mohawk I really focused on Royal Conservatory grade 9 level music. I also learned a lot about harmony and counterpoint and all kinds of topics that we can get into on this blog someday. Having learned all that, you […]

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Behind the Scenes #2: Child Lessons

Another week has flown by and another Thursday has come. As promised today’s blog post is going to bring you behind the scenes of a child’s lesson.

Before you even climb the stairs to my apartment and knock on the door, your child’s lesson is already in the works. Each lesson is carefully planned to each […]

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