I feel like the word September just screams “it’s the end of summer!” Yet we still have a few more weeks of summer left and hopefully even a few more weeks of nice warm weather.  I don’t have to tell you that the kids went back to school today but I’ll tell you that it amazes me how time flies. September…already? The exciting part for the Music Room about September is that as parents get their kids back in the zone of routine, they also like to sign their kids up for piano lessons. So the studio is growing exponentially lately. I’m pretty excited about that! I still have a select few time slots so sign up before they are all gone!

The beautiful part about The Music Room growing so much is that by January I hope to be done working full time at Pioneer. This means that I’ll have a whole lot more time for music. This also means that those much desired afterschool piano lesson spots will be available for snatching up! So keep your ears and eyes open for the announcement!

As the kids go back to school I’m sure one of their first writing assignments will be to journal about their summer holidays. I think I might do something similar here and now.

It was quite a busy summer with moving to a new house, attending and playing piano at weddings, doing home renovations (almost done!!) and going camping a few times. A huge highlight for me was getting the opportunity to go to Riverfest Elora 2015.

Thanks to the Grand FM in Fergus, Dwayne and I received weekend  passes to this amazing music festival in Bissel Park along the Grand River in Elora, Ontario. It was a hot weekend but we managed to find some shade to park our chairs under for the day and we stayed pretty cool. There were some big name artists there such as Metric, Alan Doyle, Tokyo Police Club, and Sam Roberts Band. To be honest though my favourite shows were the ones in the smaller tent venue. These were the more low-key artists but I think some of those could have rocked the main stage and blown the crowd away.

The first band that we were introduced to was Zeus. A guy we talked to on the way in told us to go see them and he was right. It was so worth it. They had so much energy and just had the crowd so energized! Go check them out!

The second one I want to highlight is The Planet Smashers. Wow, talk about stage presence. These guys had a bit of a ska vibe going on but at the same time not at all. They just made you want to move! We thought Zeus had the crowd going and then The Planet Smashers had us all sitting on the floor and jumping up and going crazy on the count of 10. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so involved in a band’s live performance before!

I think one of Dwayne’s favourites was Donovan Woods. This guy’s subtle sarcasm and nonchalant humour had us laughing away. His music was really chill and meaningful. I loved his lyrics and bought an album so we could listen to more. His ode to Toronto was hysterical and so honest at the same time. Then there’s the song he wrote about a buddy of his trying to get back with his girlfriend. You can’t not love this guy and his music!

Finally, there was Stretch Orchestra. They consisted of a drummer, guitarist, and a cellist. Purely instrumental, we absolutely loved these guys. They did a rendition of Oh Canada which I may post on my facebook page sometime. Their creativity was infectious and I’d definitely go to see them again. We bought their album too for some good road trip music.

All in all I absolutely loved Riverfest! So many people have said its expensive to pay for tickets to go but really I think it is super cheap. I think it would have cost us $80  each to go on the Saturday which turns out to be less than $10 an hour if you are there the whole time. You get to see a different artist every 45 minutes and you’d probably be paying anywhere from $15-$100 for tickets to see them all separately. With that in mind $80 is a steal to see that many artists live and to be introduced to such great music! I totally recommend going next year!

Well hopefully the next blogpost will be about the finished Music Room. Renovations always seem to take longer than you hope for. They are almost done though! Just a little more mudding, painting and trim and the pictures will be coming your way!