Jen Jansen

I began learning to play piano at a young age under the instruction of several different teachers. Under the guidance of Maxine Lanktree, I began to take exams with the Royal Conservatory, completing the requirements for the Grade 8 certificate and the Advanced Theory Rudiments.

After high school I continued my studies in music at Mohawk College. I studied under several accomplished musicians such as Susan Lee, Alexei Gulenco, and Dusty Micale. These instructors guided me in bringing my musical abilities up to a grade 9/10 level with the Royal Conservatory standards.  The students and faculty at Mohawk gave me an invaluable musical experience. As a Mohawk student I had the opportunity to perform for a Remembrance Day gathering in the McIntyre Theatre as well as several showcases at the Hamilton Public Library. I was also able to experience the recording process at the Grant Avenue Recording Studio as I recorded a Christmas duet with a fellow student from Mohawk. I graduated from Mohawk with an Advanced Diploma in Applied Music in June of 2014.

Today I continue to develop my musical skills and desire to pass on the knowledge I have to you!

Royal Conservatory of Music
Mohawk College