Lights – Siberia

From the busy parks
To the icy tides
Someday we’ll decide
Where we want to live out our lives
Form out into sparks
Tumbling along
Keeping the heat on
Even though summer’s come and gone

These lyrics are the first I encountered upon listening to a favourite album for the first time. These are the lyrics that are describing the feeling I’m experiencing right now. When many of the decisions I made in the earlier moments of this year have changed. The decisions to stay in school, to put off another year of potential piano students, and to live in a comfort zone where I knew what to expect. In the last few months I decided to step out of the student life and step into the post-post-secondary life. Suddenly I was faced with never ending time which I’d never really experienced before. There was always the next project, the next semester, or the next exam and now there was whatever I wanted to do.

At first I spent my time tying up loose ends, finishing things I hadn’t worked on in ages, changing my last name, baking cookies, reading books, and playing music. This turned out to be not so time consuming. I applied for a few jobs and settled for a part time job at Tim Horton’s. At the same I published a request for piano students on my social media sites. The response was amiable and I gained a few students which has been such a blessing.

I’ve always imagined having my own piano studio, with a memorable name, a website, lots of students (young and old), and great music. I imagined having a whole brand done by the end of a summer and being able to start with a whole group of new and returning students in September. However this past summer busily came and went and when the heat left summer so did my drive to make something happen.  After a few months of statically tossing around ideas there was some realization on my part that I was the only one who could put anything into action. I contacted my talented brother who already had some great design ideas and we began to work together on a brand, a website, and a vision for The Music Room.

To launch The Music Room is a dream come true and I’m incredibly excited about it. I can’t wait to jump back into the music and to take with me all my students, present and future. We’ll all tumble along as sparks, keeping the heat going, allowing music to heat the stiff winter air, and figuring out where we want to go with it. That’s the beauty of music. It’s never ending and the goals we create with it can bend and change. We can listen to what we connect to and play what charges us with spark.

So take a deep breath, and dare to join me in a musical journey that will take us to busy parks, icy tides, and anywhere else we may want to go.