It’s been another long while since I’ve blogged but here I am again! Hello! I’ve missed you!

If there’s one thing most people like to be, its organized. I’d like to have everything in order and figured out, to have a plan, to be consistent, etc. etc. Running a studio really requires a whole lot of organization and although I’ve tried many different ways of being organized in my studio, only one thing has really worked for me so far. I always start a new organizational tactic with good intentions and then it usually pitters out when I realize I don’t have the time or energy to actually carry out those good intentions.

For lesson assignments and practice goals I’ve tried lined paper in folders for all my students, writing down each week what their practice goals are. I’ve used notebooks and sticky notes. When it comes to payments I’ve tried word documents and excel spread sheets. For scheduling, I’ve tried making charts. And for consistency I’ve tried writing out exact lesson plans. For the most part these tactics should work. But when I forget to turn on my computer and enter all the data after each lesson, it gets complicated and messy. And when the only copy of the assignment is in a notebook at my students’ home, I have a hard time planning for what comes next.

This is where my studio life saver comes in. I’ve been using an app called ‘Moosic Studio’ since September 2015 and I will never ever go back to paper if I can help it. This app does nearly everything for me. I apologize in advance for the poor quality screen shots but you can always come by and I’ll be glad to show you everything in person. :)

I start by entering all my students’ information. Their name, level, parent if applicable, contact info, birthday if they so desire, basically anything I could need to know about my student goes into the app.


Then I input on a monthly basis their lesson times and cost per lesson. So if Jane comes on Tuesday afternoons at 3pm for half an hour I can put that into the app and her lesson will come up on my schedule every week for Tuesdays at 3pm.

IMG_0061  IMG_0059


From the schedule I can go into the lesson assignment mode where I can input attendance, lesson comments, and the new or repeated assignment for the coming week. I can even copy the previous week’s assignment if I need to. Finally the app generates an assignment page that I can email directly to the parent. I don’t have to look up the email address because I already inputted it into the student’s profile. So when I click “send as email” the email address will automatically show up in the “to” box.

IMG_0062 IMG_0063

Another feature called “Library” allows me to input all the method books I use into the app. Then when I’m in assignment mode, I can select which book I’m referring to from the drop-down list, rather than having to write it down every single time. What a time saver!


As my students and parents know, I send out an invoice after the second-last lesson of each month so that payment can be made on the last lesson. Guess what? The app does that for me too! I simply add the student or the parent on a separate tab called “parent/paying party list”. I can add multiple students under one parent which makes invoicing extremely easy. I then go to the Invoice tab, select the paying party and then input which dates I’d like the invoice to include. So in my Jane Doe example, I would create the invoice based on February 1 to February 29. Since the app already knows which dates her actual lessons are on, I don’t have to input that separately. It also knows how much each lesson should cost and calculates it as such. Then I can mark it as PAID or NOT PAID. Then I can email it directly to the paying party as well.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066

There really is a whole lot more I could say about how well this app has worked in my studio but I think I’ve already gone on long enough. I hope I’ve convinced you of one reason why my studio is different and worth checking out! And if you are a music teacher yourself, I hope I’ve convinced you to buy this app. I know I just gave free advertising to this company, but they have truly come up with something that has changed the way I run The Music Room.