It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….or maybe not. Dwayne and I often go for walks at night and lately we’ve been seeing all the beautiful and not so beautiful Christmas decorations people have put up. So far in Arthur we have encountered two homes that are extravagantly decorated and also blast out Christmas tunes on bad speakers for all the neighbourhood to hear. Thankfully neither of those homes are next door to The Music Room. While all the preparations seem to be in order, we still lack the white fluffy stuff that seems to come around each year again around this time. While some of you may be rejoicing, others of us are dreaming of a white Christmas.

December has brought some new things to The Music Room. First of all I have more time on my hands since I chopped my hours down to part time at my day job. This means those after school spots are…or maybe I should say were  available. Most of them have been snatched up by some fantastic new students! Not to worry though, there is still a space here and there for your child. And if not for your child, maybe for you! As always, the first lesson is free :)

Also new in December are pretty Christmas-y stickers to decorate those newly conquered songs and theory pages. I’ve got snowflakes, elves, polar bears, and candy canes to spruce all those pages up.  As some of the kids will tell you, we’ve also been bringing out the jingle bells to practice our rhythms! Oh what fun it is to learn music in December!

The final thing new to December is business cards! They didn’t quite make it in on time for me to hand them out when I played Christmas tunes at Waresitat at the end of November but they are here now!

Before I leave you to your day, I also just want to thank you all one more time for the beautiful responses to my last post about Jamie. I am touched by the many emails, messages, and kind words I received. To think I wasn’t even sure if I would post it at all makes me see how God’s plans are greater than our own. Much love to you all!