Like almost every instrument, a piano needs to be tuned from time to time. Thankfully not as often as a guitar or a violin or I’d be broke in no time and you’d be paying ridiculous tuition fees to learn from me. Pianos mostly need a tuning twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring when the temperatures are changing. I had mine tuned a little late but in December I had the tuner come in and make a few adjustments. I had never actually seen a baby grand get tuned before but it was really fascinating to watch him at work!

He actually pulled the entire keyboard out, hammers and all!


Here’s what happens when you actually press a key on the keyboard. I pressed down an ‘F’ and the corresponding hammer moved up. If it had been inside the piano you would have seen it hit the strings. I just think its really cool to see all the mechanics in this way! :)

20151218_090410 20151218_090434

20151218_090332 20151218_090355

See all the knobs? The tuner has to adjust almost every single one of them to tune this piano. You can only imagine how long that takes!


The piano definitely sounded a whole lot better after he was done with it! Come join my studio, and you can find out just how great it sounds. :)