It has been a busy summer in the Music Room. Every week we get a step closer to finishing the exciting renovation. We’ve got drywall up and mudding mostly done. There are pot lights in the ceiling with a dimmer to allow for setting the mood. I bet you’d love to see pictures wouldn’t you? Well I’m going to tease you a bit and let you wait a little longer. I’ve decided to not share any pictures on the website until it is all done. Then we can look at them together in sequence. You’ll be able to watch the transformation from beginning to end in one shot!

I will share a different picture though. In the last post I mentioned a certain baby grand piano that was going to join the Music Room. Well it came! And a beauty it is. The touch of the keys is just the way I like it, not too heavy and not too light.  It has a warm sweet tone that fills the room (and the neighbourhood when the window is open). I could play it all day!

 20150704_095336                 IMG_20150704_100906

On that note (haha), I hope you’ve had a musical summer, I look forward to teaching some of you this fall, and keep on the lookout for the finished Music Room coming soon (I hope!)