Its been a busy few months in the Jansen household and unfortunately that means the blog has suffered because of that. I’m hoping to start up blogging again; maybe not once every week but definitely enough to keep you updated.

Of course you still want a reason for why I’ve been absent from the internet world. The first big time consumer was when I quit my job at Tim Horton’s and started working full time at my old summer job, Dupont Pioneer. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a centre for canola research. My official title is Research Assistant but it definitely isn’t as fancy a job as it sounds. I’m working mainly in the greenhouses, transplanting, consolidating, and harvesting. As much as I never thought I’d say this about Pioneer, I actually love working there. The one and only (maybe not the only) downside to this job is that it’s a forty-five minute drive from home and gives me a lot less time for musical things.

That leads me to my second big change which will cause my forty-five minute drive to turn into an hour long drive. That’s right, The Music Room is moving! Dwayne and I bought a cute little house in Arthur, Ontario. We’ll be moving in next week Saturday! We are pretty excited about it, needless to say.


What does this mean for The Music Room? Well thankfully all my students are coming with me to our new home. For those of you who live in Arthur and the surrounding area, a new piano teacher is coming your way and I’d love to have you join my studio! When the Music Room moves out of an apartment in Fergus and into a house in Arthur there will also be room for an acoustic piano. And an acoustic piano there will be in the form of a baby grand!  I’m pretty excited about that and so are my students. We’ll also be having lessons in a room dedicated to music which is a pretty big deal. Up until now we’ve crammed ourselves into my spare bedroom that doubles as a storage area and a music room. I’m so thankful that we finally have the space to have a real studio! Pictures will come, but for now you’ll just have to imagine a room with wood paneling and ugly wallpaper. Don’t worry; it won’t be that way forever. That’s just what you get when you buy an old house.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful few months and a happy Thursday! Here’s to new beginnings!