I’ve been blogging a lot lately about the music I’ve been listening to but now it’s time for some updates on what’s happening in the music room.

Lately my Mondays have been jam packed with students which has the potential to get a little tiring but it’s so worth the fun we have!

Thursdays every other week have been spent diving into the basic level theory books. Talking about scales, intervals, and so much more. But wait….only every other week Jen? What happens on the opposite weeks?

I’m so glad you asked. So far it’s been my time to read a book or go to bed early. But then I miss the theory because it’s one of my favourite subjects (I can’t imagine how my younger self would react to that thought!) So because there has been interested expressed and because I miss theory on my off weeks, I’m starting a new theory class!

This theory class will be going into the Intermediate level topics. Unlike the basic class you’ll most definitely need a good solid foundation in music to do well in this class. The Intermediate class would prepare you nicely for the Intermediate/Grade 1/Level 6 RCM theory rudiments exam (whichever terminology you are familiar with). We’ll be exploring deeper into major and minor keys, discovering scales of the 20th century, augmenting and diminishing intervals, clapping more intense rhythms, and ending off appropriately with cadences!

I’m super excited to get into all of this with you! I’m aiming to begin in the middle of April so give me a shout to reserve you spot.

Have a great last week of March everyone!