It finally looks a bit like winter outside. I’m hoping the snow sticks around for Christmas! With Christmas comes all the music written about Christ’s birth, about trees, boxes wrapped in paper, the colours red and green, mistletoe, and love. As a musician I always love listening to new music (and new meaning new to me) but I also love going back to the music I listened to as a child. While I was growing up my parents owned a record player and plenty of vinyls to go around. Most of it was classical and choir music but there were a few records that appealed to my juvenile tastes. One in particular that I still love and now have the digital copy of was a record of old Canadian folk tunes for kids. It was from listening to this record that I fell in love with The Huron Carol. It’s a Christmas carol originally written by a Jesuit missionary for the Huron in their own language. The song is one of my favourite Christmas tunes. Be sure to give it a listen by pressing the play button above this paragraph! You’ll even get to hear the crackle of the old vinyl. Let me know what you think of this song and let me know what Christmas tunes are your favourite!

Many of us have a tradition of giving gifts to our loved ones at this time of year. It’s especially fun to give music at Christmas time. Everyone seems to love listening to a new cd for the first time or picking out songs to buy with their new iTunes gift card. This year you can switch it up and give your loved one the gift of learning to play the music themselves. Shoot me an email at by clicking on the contact page on my website for information on Christmas packages. Don’t forget, adults, it’s never too late to learn something new! ;)

Much love and joy to all of you this Christmas! God bless and if life gets too busy for another blog post before the end of the year I wish you all a happy new year as well!