It’s been another long while since I’ve blogged but here I am again! Hello! I’ve missed you!

If there’s one thing most people like to be, its organized. I’d like to have everything in order and figured out, to have a plan, to be consistent, etc. etc. Running a studio really requires a whole lot of […]

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….or maybe not. Dwayne and I often go for walks at night and lately we’ve been seeing all the beautiful and not so beautiful Christmas decorations people have put up. So far in Arthur we have encountered two homes that are extravagantly decorated and also blast out Christmas […]

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Today is the date Dwayne and I were given for the birth of our first child, Jamie. God had other plans for Jamie. This beautiful child He took home to Himself at eight and a half weeks gestation. God gave us amazing joy for a few weeks and then taught us what love is. At […]

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Under the Floor

This is so long overdue but here it is! The Music Room is done! Well pretty much done, there are a few minor details yet to be done but the transformation is complete enough for me to want to share it with the world. We had so much fun with this reno even though it […]

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Shadow and A Dancer

I feel like the word September just screams “it’s the end of summer!” Yet we still have a few more weeks of summer left and hopefully even a few more weeks of nice warm weather.  I don’t have to tell you that the kids went back to school today but I’ll tell you that it […]

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It has been a busy summer in the Music Room. Every week we get a step closer to finishing the exciting renovation. We’ve got drywall up and mudding mostly done. There are pot lights in the ceiling with a dimmer to allow for setting the mood. I bet you’d love to see pictures wouldn’t you? […]

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Don’t Go Home Without Me

Its been a busy few months in the Jansen household and unfortunately that means the blog has suffered because of that. I’m hoping to start up blogging again; maybe not once every week but definitely enough to keep you updated.

Of course you still want a reason for why I’ve been absent from the internet world. The […]

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Back to The Beginning Again

With great passion comes also great pressure. I think when I say I’m passionate about music I’m also putting myself under pressure to remain that way. It’s similar to my faith in God. There are times when I am really passionate and excited about living for Him but there are also low times where I […]

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Gravity Happens

Recital month just happened at Mohawk College. If you had gone into the music wing in the last couple weeks you’d have seen a lot of overly stressed out third year students. You would have also heard a lot of music coming from the practice rooms where non-stop rehearsals and practice sessions were going on. […]

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Scenario one:  You’ve been hearing a song on the radio that you really like and you want to put it on your ipod so you can listen to it non-stop. So you go to the mall and make a stop at HMV. You find the album that song is on, put it in your bag […]

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