Come As You Are

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about the music I’ve been listening to but now it’s time for some updates on what’s happening in the music room.

Lately my Mondays have been jam packed with students which has the potential to get a little tiring but it’s so worth the fun we have!

Thursdays every other week […]

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Daddy’s Little Girl

This one is for all you country music listeners. Unless that sentence is going to stop you from listening to this song. Then this is for everyone who likes a sweet song. Being the only girl and the youngest amongst three brothers growing up, I can confidently lay claim to being my daddy’s little girl.

I […]

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Beauty and the Beast

So much for weekly what I’ve been listening to blogs. In my defense, I’ve been discovering the wonderful world of audio books so between that and jamming to fisher price kids tunes there hasn’t been much new on my music radar. Until this morning. About 5 minutes ago to be exact. Lindsey Stirling posted her […]

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I discovered Gracie Abrams on YouTube this week and fell in love. Her voice and music is so hauntingly beautiful. Naturally she’s what I’ve been listening to this week. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Let me know what you’ve been listening to lately! I always love hearing new sounds or […]

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Find Me

In an attempt to blog more frequently I’ve decided to try a weekly “what I’m listening to” post.

I have actally sort of been doing this very discretely since I started the blog but now it’s more official. Almost every single one of my posts are titled after some of my favourite songs. Hence why some […]

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Ain’t No Sunshine

I’m not sure I remember what blue skies and sunshine look like anymore. It’s been grey and foggy for so long, the Twilight saga could have taken place in Arthur. (Yes, I just refrerenced a more embarrassing trend of my teen years.) Despite the fog, the rain, the snow and grey I’ve been having a […]

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Selling the News

There are two times in a typical year where everyone is talking about all things new. The first of course being New Year’s Eve/Day and the second being whenever the kids go back to school for their new school year.
In the Music Room things tend to change in September too. I have some new […]

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Do You Remember

If we have enough time at the end of a lesson I always like to have some off the bench activity for the kids to do. Sometimes that means a rhythm or note learning game on the ipad and sometimes that means flashcards.
The fan favourite here in The Music Room is Music Note Memory. […]

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Its June! I’m loving the weather and I’m sure all my students are too. They are all on a break from lessons right now. This is all because a new face showed up in the studio. His name is Tyler and he was born on June 2nd! But don’t worry, his arrival doesn’t mean that […]

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From All Sides

Like almost every instrument, a piano needs to be tuned from time to time. Thankfully not as often as a guitar or a violin or I’d be broke in no time and you’d be paying ridiculous tuition fees to learn from me. Pianos mostly need a tuning twice a year, once in the fall and […]

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