It’s a new year! The holidays are over and that means getting back into the swing of things for most of us. I’m excited to be starting this year with a few new students and I welcome any more coming my way!

Are you curious as to what happens in a piano lesson?  I thought I’d start the new year with a two part blog post. This week I’ll bring you behind the scenes on an adult piano lesson and next week I’ll talk about what your child might experience when coming to The Music Room.

The fun part about adult lessons is that we can really do whatever you decide you want to learn. I generally work with the Alfred’s Adult Piano Course to make sure we cover all the basics properly but beyond that the options are endless. Often adults decide to take up piano lessons because there is a particular song they love and wish they could play for themselves. Sometimes we can find simplified versions of those well-known songs and work towards that as a goal. As we work through more difficult material you may be able to play a more advanced version of that same song. It could be anything from classical music, to a pop song, to a Disney theme, or to a church hymn. Whatever your ear desires.

So what happens when you come to the music room? I’ll give you a play by play of a typical adult lesson.

You knock on the door, I open it with a big smile. We chat a little bit to relax the atmosphere a little. If it’s your first lesson, we’ll talk about the books we’ll be using and any questions you might have.

Then you’ll take a seat on the piano bench and I’ll ask you what you worked on in the past week, if you felt you got enough practice in, what you found was difficult or easy, and what you’d like to go over today. I’ll probably flip through a few pages in your book to see where you are at and to gage what we can get done in the lesson.

Then I’ll ask you to play the pieces you worked on and we’ll talk about them one at a time and see if we can adjust anything technically or musically. I’ll most likely ask you to keep working on a song at home until I’m satisfied that you’ve learned the concept presented well.

Once we’ve gone through what you’ve worked on we may flip a page or two ahead and learn something new. I’ll explain the new concepts and make sure any questions you have are answered by the end of the lesson. I might come up with weird analogies to make it more understandable. I may bring out the flashcards to see if you can remember all the notes you learned. I do whatever it takes to make you learn in a fun way.

At some point in your lesson we might do a bit of ear training. This means we’ll do some exercises to develop the way you hear different notes and sounds.  I’ll be the first to admit that ear training is not my forte but it is still so very important and is therefore included in your lesson. I might suggest to download an ear training app on your phone to further your training and to allow practice at home.

By the end of your lesson you will have a good idea of what I’d like you to work on in the coming week although I always leave it open ended. If there is a particular song we’ve gone over that you really like and includes what we’ve talked about in your lesson then I won’t complain if that’s what you spend a lot of practice time on. The Alfred series likes to give you a taste of all kinds of music, from pop, to folk, to jazz, to classical. Sometimes my students really would rather skip the jazz and blues songs and although I always encourage you to try it out, I’m always open to finding other songs that include the same concepts.

You’ve come to the end of your lesson! Congratulations! The work has just begun though. Now you get to go home and practice all the things you learned.

There you have it; an adult lesson in The Music Room! Of course this is very general and chances are you might have a different experience when you come. You are the one spending the money and time on music so I really want you to have the experience you are looking for.

Come back again next week to find out what you and your child might experience at The Music Room!

Have a great week everyone.