With great passion comes also great pressure. I think when I say I’m passionate about music I’m also putting myself under pressure to remain that way. It’s similar to my faith in God. There are times when I am really passionate and excited about living for Him but there are also low times where I live selfishly. Yet because I’ve made a promise to follow Him I always try to go back to that passion. In music there are times where all I want to do is play and listen and play some more. Yet at other times I have to work to find motivation to even sit down on the piano bench.

That motivation is what I’ve had to work at lately. I look at my meager digital piano and dream about the day I can take a real acoustic piano home. A beauty with naturally weighted keys and a deep sugary sound. If it weren’t for playing in orchestra and at church I think I would be feeling quite acoustically deprived.

Yet I have a lot to be thankful for. I have some pretty fantastic students that boost my love for music every week. When I do sit down at my piano I’m always reminded of how beautiful the music really is. It’s actually amazing that there are millions of combinations of notes that have been composed to make masterpieces of music. It’s insane to me that people can still come up with new melodies after all these years. Not to mention I can be thankful for all the ways of listening to that music and its limitless availability. I’m thankful to be able to listen to a song at the click of a button.

That may have seemed like a random tangent but I think the key to overcoming a lack of motivation is to find what motivated you in the first place. What is it about your passion that you are thankful for? What brings you back to it every time? On the other hand I think motivation can be found in simply doing the thing you don’t feel like doing. At some point it becomes meaningful again. The only way to go through the block is to go through the block.  So if you are feeling a little low yourself in whatever your passion or work may be, I challenge you to get up and do exactly what you don’t feel like doing.


In other news I really hope to see some of you this coming Saturday night at 7:30 in Fergus North Canadian Reformed Church. There is a church choir concert where my little orchestra will also be performing. It should be a good time!