I’m not sure I remember what blue skies and sunshine look like anymore. It’s been grey and foggy for so long, the Twilight saga could have taken place in Arthur. (Yes, I just refrerenced a more embarrassing trend of my teen years.) Despite the fog, the rain, the snow and grey I’ve been having a good time in what some of you would consider to be the untrekable Great White North (it’s really not).

I recently finished teaching a 10ish session adult basic theory class. Every other Thursday night I would lug my digital keyboard out to my eat-in kitchen and there we would sit to talk about music theory for an hour to an hour and a half….sometimes longer!

I think it’s safe to say that our little group had a lot of fun discussing music theory and how it applies to playing the piano. They learned about scales, intervals, rhythm, and how much I LOVE talking about music. They can definitely attest to the fact that I would often go into deeper detail than our “textbook” called for. On occasion I would talk over their heads briefly but we always got back to where we originated. I’m a little sad that it’s over but like grey days (I hope), all things do come to an end eventually.

To appease that part of me that could talk music for hours on end, I’m planning the next theory class! Same subject material but this time for teens and young adults! A few of my own students are daring to trek into the sunny world of keyboard theory but I’m extending the invitation to you as well. I’m hoping to start this up in February so give me a shoutout if you or someone you know is interested!