Can you feel it?

The goal of The Music Room is to bring the experience of an enjoyable musical education to children and adults. I strive to bring more than just a piano lesson to you. Together we’ll discover different kinds of music, learn to play the songs you love, and experience the joy of music.

Come As You Are

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about the music I’ve been listening to but now it’s time for some updates on what’s happening in the music room.

Lately my Mondays have been jam packed with students […]

Daddy’s Little Girl

This one is for all you country music listeners. Unless that sentence is going to stop you from listening to this song. Then this is for everyone who likes a sweet song. Being the only […]

Beauty and the Beast

So much for weekly what I’ve been listening to blogs. In my defense, I’ve been discovering the wonderful world of audio books so between that and jamming to fisher price kids tunes there hasn’t been […]


I discovered Gracie Abrams on YouTube this week and fell in love. Her voice and music is so hauntingly beautiful. Naturally she’s what I’ve been listening to this week. I hope you enjoy her as […]

Find Me

In an attempt to blog more frequently I’ve decided to try a weekly “what I’m listening to” post.

I have actally sort of been doing this very discretely since I started the blog but now it’s […]

Ain’t No Sunshine

I’m not sure I remember what blue skies and sunshine look like anymore. It’s been grey and foggy for so long, the Twilight saga could have taken place in Arthur. (Yes, I just refrerenced a […]

Selling the News

There are two times in a typical year where everyone is talking about all things new. The first of course being New Year’s Eve/Day and the second being whenever the kids go back to school […]

Do You Remember

If we have enough time at the end of a lesson I always like to have some off the bench activity for the kids to do. Sometimes that means a rhythm or note learning game […]


Its June! I’m loving the weather and I’m sure all my students are too. They are all on a break from lessons right now. This is all because a new face showed up in the […]

From All Sides

Like almost every instrument, a piano needs to be tuned from time to time. Thankfully not as often as a guitar or a violin or I’d be broke in no time and you’d be paying […]


It’s been another long while since I’ve blogged but here I am again! Hello! I’ve missed you!

If there’s one thing most people like to be, its organized. I’d like to have everything in order and […]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….or maybe not. Dwayne and I often go for walks at night and lately we’ve been seeing all the beautiful and not so beautiful Christmas decorations people have […]


Today is the date Dwayne and I were given for the birth of our first child, Jamie. God had other plans for Jamie. This beautiful child He took home to Himself at eight and a […]

Under the Floor

This is so long overdue but here it is! The Music Room is done! Well pretty much done, there are a few minor details yet to be done but the transformation is complete enough for […]

Shadow and A Dancer

I feel like the word September just screams “it’s the end of summer!” Yet we still have a few more weeks of summer left and hopefully even a few more weeks of nice warm weather. […]


It has been a busy summer in the Music Room. Every week we get a step closer to finishing the exciting renovation. We’ve got drywall up and mudding mostly done. There are pot lights in […]

Don’t Go Home Without Me

Its been a busy few months in the Jansen household and unfortunately that means the blog has suffered because of that. I’m hoping to start up blogging again; maybe not once every week but definitely enough […]

Back to The Beginning Again

With great passion comes also great pressure. I think when I say I’m passionate about music I’m also putting myself under pressure to remain that way. It’s similar to my faith in God. There are […]

Gravity Happens

Recital month just happened at Mohawk College. If you had gone into the music wing in the last couple weeks you’d have seen a lot of overly stressed out third year students. You would have […]


Scenario one:  You’ve been hearing a song on the radio that you really like and you want to put it on your ipod so you can listen to it non-stop. So you go to the […]


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I joined an amateur orchestra. I’ve actually been having a lot of fun with it. I wasn’t completely sure I’d like it when I joined but it’s been […]

The Worst Pies in London

This past weekend Dwayne and I had the opportunity to go see the musical Sweeney Todd, put on by the McMaster Musical Theatre. A good friend of mine was playing piano in the orchestra so […]

20 Years

Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes about 10,000 hours to achieve mastery at a field. Let’s think about that for a minute. 10,000 hours of piano practice to become a master at the piano? That’s […]

Second Go

There’s a special place in my heart for the hard copies of the music in my iTunes playlists. I’m very much into thrift shopping and when I go usually my first stop is the CD […]

Your Love is a Song

I can’t say I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I think its sweet to tell people you love them and it is nice to have a day devoted to that but I mean my Valentine’s […]

Writing to Reach You


I bet some of you just cringed when you read that word. I used to be one of those people. I’d go to my piano lessons as a kid and be doing my theory homework […]

We Never Change

As most of you probably know about me, I grew up in a Dutch family. Both my parents grew up in The Netherlands and immigrated to Canada later in life. Because of that I grew […]

Thinking Out Loud

Just a short post today about what I’ve been doing musically lately.

During my three years at Mohawk I really focused on Royal Conservatory grade 9 level music. I also learned a lot about harmony and […]

Behind the Scenes #2: Child Lessons

Another week has flown by and another Thursday has come. As promised today’s blog post is going to bring you behind the scenes of a child’s lesson.

Before you even climb the stairs to my apartment […]

Behind the Scenes #1: Adult Lessons

It’s a new year! The holidays are over and that means getting back into the swing of things for most of us. I’m excited to be starting this year with a few new students and […]

Christmas Things


It finally looks a bit like winter outside. I’m hoping the snow sticks around for Christmas! With Christmas comes all the music written about Christ’s birth, about trees, boxes wrapped in paper, the colours red […]

Day 2

Waking up this morning I thought of how blessed I am to have a huge base of supportive friends, family and acquaintances. Yesterday you blew my mind by clicking the ‘like’ button on Facebook over […]

Keeping the Heat On

Lights – Siberia

From the busy parks
To the icy tides
Someday we’ll decide
Where we want to live out our lives
Form out into sparks
Tumbling along
Keeping the heat on
Even though summer’s come and gone

These lyrics are the first I […]